ways to help

Here are all the ways you can help us make our show the best it can be! Pick your favorite way to show us you care!


Tell us what you think of the show!

Fill out this quick feedback survey and tell us which parts of the show you like the most and which parts you could do without. In the survey, you'll also get a sneak peek at some of the future segment ideas we are working on for next season. 

Tell us about the wise ones in your life!

We want to hear about the wise people in your life, who you think we should include on a future episode of Advice from Mom. If you have a wise loved one in your life (it can be your mom, dad, aunt, uncle, grandparent, mentor, or friend) and you'd like to share their wisdom, please fill out this brief form and we will be in touch!


Wild card: Add your voice to the show!

For next season, we are considering a segment featuring listeners voices, where you share your thoughts, descriptions, impressions of everyone's favorite podmom! My mentor Roy likes to call my mom "everyday Yoda," I like to do impressions of her, and if you've ever told a friend to listen to Advice from Mom, you've probably described your favorite parts of Momma B! So let's get a recording of that, eh?

Here are your recording prompts (pick one or all):

  1. How would you describe Momma B to a friend who has never hear the show?

  2. What's your favorite advice you've heard on the show?

  3. What's your Momma B impression?

Here's how to record: leave a voicemail at 1-706-Y-ASK-MOM or record a voice memo on your mobile phone and email it to at getadvicefrommom@gmail.com


Pat on the back time!!

Thank you for all your help! As Momma B likes to recognize: You got out of bed. You probably brushed your teeth. You got going to wherever you are going today. And you helped Momma B & Rebecca make Advice from Mom better!! All that wonderfulness deserves a pat on the back!...now get the other side. See you on our socials: