You could call these the Alpha-Babies of Advice from mom

Below you will find a collection of personalized podcasts, made my mom and me and addressed directly to the person who asked the question. My mom and I made 20 podcasts total this summer and below you will the ones folks have checked the box to allow their questions and answers to be shared, so horray, you get to listen to them too!

As you will notice, the beginning (the first 50 seconds) and the ending are the same on every one, but the magic is that my mom gives everyone about 10-15 minutes of dang good advice. I don't promise that all my mom's advice is perfect or totally life-changing, but I promise it will be insightful, thoughtful, and (just like your mother always said you should be) worth the wait.   If you have thoughts to share after listening or if any of these answers hit home for you, please be in touch


Romance & Dating


Managing Family Dynamics


Self-Esteem & The Influence of Others


Professional Pursuits


Creative Parenting 

My next step with these tracks in to supplement them with wise advice from other sources and turn the best arts into a public podcast. My big dream is that this will be the beginning of a world-changing service and then you tell all your friends about the life-changing magic of motherly advice and we'll go from there. Ok, so really, several steps could follow from that final one...

Got someone in your life who gives amazing advice? (Bonus points: if they give advice drastically different than my mom's advice.) Please put me in touch with them as I expand my collection of wisdom: