Good advice is a precious resource to be showcased & celebrated. 

Advice from Mom is a cross-country advice podcast between a psychologist mom and her designer daughter. Each month, we tackle some of life's big questions with a variety of expert guests. This month, we capture advice to help you make progress:

This photo was taken in New York in 1917. That lady making some progress on knitting is "Frances White." Half of the vaudeville team Rock & White!

This photo was taken in New York in 1917. That lady making some progress on knitting is "Frances White." Half of the vaudeville team Rock & White!

Each month, we push ourselves to try new things! Like for our breakups episode, we made a workbook to help you recover from heartbreak:


Previously, we explore the wondrous world of dating:

This podcast is founded on the belief that we need our mothers like we never have before. Not just our own mothers, but the mothers of the world. Once upon a time, advice from elders was easy to come by. Large families lived in one place and you knew all your neighbors. Now generations are divided by physical distance and an ever-widening technological gap. New ways of communicating leave older generations behind and divert our attention away from them. Why ask your parents when you can Google it? Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire, so we’re digitizing good old-fashioned Advice from Mom. The podcast will continue in the new year, with each episode tackling a different subject. The next topic is break-ups and creative pursuits and we are now accepting questions.

A little about your Podcast host: 

Hi, I'm Rebecca, your host for Advice From Mom. For 33 years, I've been an advice hog, keeping my mom’s wise words all to myself. This year, I’m ending my selfish ways and recording her good advice. But for now, let's start with some sage samples from Momma B:

Why Momma B?

Because my mom has #lived.

You know those movie montages that whirl through multiple decades? Showing the hero evolve through the 1950s, 60s, and 70s ala. Forrest Gump or Across The Universe? That's basically my mom. The oldest girl of seven kids in Polish family in Milwaukee, she went to Catholic school in the 50s and early 60s and even got rejected from a progressive nunnery. She attended college at Madison in the heat of the Vietnam protests and even found her anarchist boyfriend making molotov cocktails in their bathtub. She moved to Chicago after college and dodged bullets in high-rise projects while working for the welfare department and befriending Black Panthers sympathizers. She made her way down to Pennsylvania in the 70s for a taste of some Philadelphia freedom and she ended up "walking in and signing up" for a soon-to-be-fancy PhD program. She converted to Judaism in the 80s after meeting Papa B at the most awesomely-named singles event ever—Mixed Doubles for Singles. All that adventuring isn’t necessarily what makes Momma B a sage wisdom purveyor. She & Papa B raised a kooky kid into a mildly respectable adult, who now embarrasses her almost as often as she embarrasses me. She also has some qualifying degrees in the subject matter, but that's a different website.

Please don't think of this project as therapy. The first thing a therapist will tell you is that they don't give advice. It's your job to figure out what you should do. But you know what? Sometimes, I just want advice before I decide what to do. That’s when I turn to my mom. She is my constant source of thoughtful, loving wisdom. I'm not sure how rare of an interaction this is, but what's important to me is that it become more common. What if you too could get a similar loving mom-moment when you need it with a little help from me? 

If you have a wise mom in your life or a wise dad, aunt, uncle, grandparent, mentor, or friend and you'd like to share their wisdom, please be in touch. Who knows? Maybe Momma B will inspire an advice posse!

Also a brief note from our justice league: This podcast is for informational purposes only and is not intended to offer diagnosis or treatment of any medical or psychological condition. All treatment decisions should be made in partnership with your health professional.